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Saturday, June 10

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How can we use the technology to decolonize teaching? Engineering 117Tugce Bilgin Telling the Stories of Enslaved Georgians: Using Digital Tools to Confront Archival Silences PS 403 (Design Center)Laura Nelson • Randy Lee Reid The Gifts of Time, Space & Attention — advocating for biodiversity through foraging, making, and design PS 205 (Design Center)Carter Brigham • Inna Alesina *Terms of Service Fantasy Reader* public participatory performance/workshop PS 204 (Design Center)Darija Medić Community Resilience Thinking & Speculative Design Workshop Rose GardenRafael De Balanzo Joue Cracking the NEH Code: Finding the Right Program to Fund Your Digital Project Steuben 408 (Design Center)Sheila A Brennan • Meredith Hindley Critical Feminist Screenshotting Steuben 410 (Design Center)Renée Ridgway Dear Metadata: Speculative Imaginings For Collection Data Steuben 400 (Design Center)Emily Esten • Cassandra Hradil Design Education for Every Body: What is a “successful designer”? PS 305 (Design Center)Brooke Hull (they/them) • Dori Griffin • Adreenah "Dreezy" Wynn Empathy Mapping Ghosts of the Past: Designing Beyond the Rational East 212Donna Leishman Ethical Designer Workshop ARC E-13Victoria Rabelo Gerson • Shadrick Addy How do you make a magical object?: Co-creation in Multibrush VR *remote session* PS 303 (Design Center)Caitlin Fisher • Maureen Engel • Sharon Musa • Joo Park • Michaela Pnacekova Let’s Write a Critical Making Manifesto (A Workshop in Collaborative Manifesto Writing + Scholarly Community Building) Steuben 409 (Design Center)DB Bauer Solarpunk Futures: A Workshop for Utopian Remembrance Engineering 305Max Puchalsky • Nick Lyell • Beau Green Storytelling Through Creative Arts and Contemplative Pedagogies: Fostering Embodiment, Inclusion, and Empowerment Engineering 111Leonard Cruz The Nonvisual Arts: A Workshop Exploring Tactile Design for Accessibility PS 307 (Design Center)Chancey Fleet • Lauren Race • Amy Hurst Vagina Chorus: Embodiment through playful world traveling Engineering 109Althea Rao You are Here! Feminist, Decolonial and Community Visualizations of Place Engineering 115Joanne Coutts

2:30pm EDT

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Cuadernos de Láminas Decoloniales / Decolonial Graphical Representations Steuben GalleryClaudia Alejandra González Parrilla • Juan Rodriguez AI in/from the Majority World PS 403 (Design Center)Sareeta Amrute • Rigoberto Lara Guzman • Ranjit Singh Archiving Artist-Run Spaces PS 407 (Design Center)Lee Tusman Becoming a Flower Rose GardenJean Marie Brennan • Maria Gracia Echeverria Critical Experiments with Computational Creativity Steuben 408 (Design Center)Caitlin Fisher • Maureen Engel Critical Kinetic Wearables: A Workshop in/on Play Steuben 409 (Design Center)Patricia Mwenda • Kate Hartman • Cindy Poremba • Emma Westecott • Ellie Huang Critically Making a Program: A Hands-on Workshop for Programmatic and Curricular Development from Digital Culture and Design at Coastal Carolina University PS 406 (Design Center)Anna Mukamal • Sarah Laiola Deconstructing Legalese PS 405 (Design Center)Renée Reizman Mapping through Forgotten Fragments Steuben 400 (Design Center)Tricia Enns Multispecies Design Workshop PS 303 (Design Center)Nancy Smith On the Feminist Archiving of a Feminist Collective: FemTechNet @ 10 Engineering 111Anne Balsamo • Liz Losh • Alexandra Juhasz • Paula Gardner • Laura Wexler • Karl Surkan Reconstructing the Design Critique: Shifting from Traditional Assessment Methods to Collaborative and Generative Critique Strategies ARC E-13Dajana Nedic • Piper Schuerman Shifting Perspectives and Bridging Differences: VTS through a Social Justice Lens Engineering 117Walae Hayek • Erin Wederbook Yuskaitis Shoe Utopias: Co-Designing Accessible Footwear Steuben 410 (Design Center)Ellen Fowles • Yasmin Keats • KellyAnne McGuire Stories as Social Justice: Amplifying Underrepresented Stories through Public Art and Oral History ARC E-11Elisa Hamilton • Alyssa Pacy The Queer Text Toolkit PS 307 (Design Center)Filipa Calado Working In Real Life: Workshop to Build Accessible Augmented Reality Prototypes for Small Historic House Museums Engineering 115Rosanna Flouty • Craig Kapp

5:30pm EDT


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